Ministry Acquires Land in Namutumba and Iganga

September 19, 2016: I have just returned from Namutumba to pay for 6 acres of land. We now have 8 acres paid for. Destiny Namukuve was with me.

I have attached some pictures for you to see. You can see the many people who showed up to demarcate and also witness the sale/procurement of the land. It takes a community to have one buy land upcountry.

The land is good. The people are excited about the possibility of having a community school and health center. If you could have seen them helping out because of the development they anticipate, you would praise God. We believe that it is God who have led us to that spot. We have prayed a lot.

We have be on this trail again asking people in Busowobi area to get us more land so we have the 12 acres. God will help us.

It takes diligence to purchase land in Uganda, especially upcountry. I will be out negotiating with neighbours and others for more.

We had several portions of land from which to choose from at the start. But these all ended up being family lands with disagreements or much too smaller than the owners had previously declared. So we waited.

We have also figured out that it is wiser to have two portions of land in at least two different locations. While at the beginning one portion shall be used as farm land, later on, it could be developed for greater use to the community.



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