Destiny Namukuve to Steer Child Celebration Network

November 08 2016: Things are shaping up her at Child Celebration Network. This past week, Destiny Namukuve became our Director. Destiny is a Social Worker who immensely loves children. She has all her life been touched by the plight of children who daily struggle in abject poverty. Destiny herself grew up in a children’s home on Sesse Islands on Lake Victoria in Uganda. She desires to see children’s welfare improved, and many access education.

Destiny is quite sociable and will easily get along with workers at Child Celebration Network and the communities they seek to serve.

In the same breath, we welcome Lawrence Yonah Onyoin who will serve as a Volunteer in the capacity of Child Development Officer. His role will be to connect with children and ensure that they grow up holistically mainly through the promotion of extra-curricular activities. He however, also teach music and the English language.

Lawrence is a qualified school teacher, having majored in English and Music. He is on the Uganda National Scrabble team and also serves as National Scrabble Coach. He is a very intelligent young man and gifted in playing musical instruments such as the keyboard and guitar, and participates in other extra-curricular activities including Karate and Chess.

He brings a wealth of experience from his past service to children affected by armed forces in Eastern Uganda. He has in the past worked with several child sponsorship projects.



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