Official Launch of Acacia Ridge School (Uganda)

Acacia Ridge School, established on 6th February 2017, is under Child Celebration Network, based in Uganda. Acacia Ridge School currently operates Pre-primary, Primary one and two classes from 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

Children in Class (1)

School management has employed a team of teachers doing commendable work. The teachers are devoted to helping pupils to appreciate their time at school.

Teacher Brenda Teaching

The school management committee is planning to officially launch the school either in December 2017 or January 2018. The launch comes after completion of the school’s first academic year 2016, which is being characterized of success stories among other milestones the 6th February 2017 opening and several learning points. Management anticipates a launch of the school and celebration of its first anniversary in remarkable style.

Children in Class (3)

Acacia Ridge School, Uganda’s Destiny Namukuve had positive remarks about the progress of school. It is a dream that little by little is being transformed into reality. The outcomes are positive. The warm reception from the community, families have entrusted us with their children among other things. I wish to appreciate everyone that is tirelessly doing everything in their means to make Acacia Ridge School the place to be and pledge to serve for the betterment of every stakeholder. We believe to do our best if we stay united! She was not certain about the date for the official launch though it seemed that December 2017 or January 2018 we the most suited months in her response. “After conclusion of the 2016 academic year and before our first anniversary” she had to say. Details to be communicated as and when consensus is reached to that effect.



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